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Made in the USA


Our handmade mattress has the best specifications at very competitive price. we have our own factory, we design and made the mattress in USA, we control the quality by our-self. So we can assure you the best quality.

When you buy the Caluful mattress, not only you can get the highest quality product, you can also keep your money stays in America, enriching our economy.  Let's continue build up the American economy!

God Bless America!

Here are the facts...

1.Caluful mattresses are design and made  in America.

2.We are approached many times a year by foreign mattress manufactures to build Caluful products overseas. Our profits will be much higher to build Caluful products overseas. as they guarantee the cost will be significantly less, but we always say no!

3.we source 100% of all of our bio-based foams in the United States. Other components over 85% are also sourced in the United States.

4.Unlike Many foams from overseas are not stable, all of our American bio-based foams are stable, It just shrink wrapped and shipped, even if moist. Before shipping from our  factory, . Our bio-based foams are odorless.

5. As you know ultra-premium luxury mattresses require detailed work by hand, our American craftsman do it as well as anyone in the world

6.We follow all United States tax laws.

7.The above points combined with an unprecedented pristine reputation.

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