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Memory Foam Mattress

What is memory foam mattress? Believe that most people who want to buy will ask this question. In the simplest and most common form, most full memory foam mattresses on the market are usually made of viscoelastic foam and consist of three layers of design.

The "comfort layer" at the top is made of special materials that are distorted when exposed to the body. By moulding the shape of the body, the downward pressure and stress of the joint that is produced by gravity is eliminated. When the foam cools down, or parts of the body don't touch, the surface becomes its original horizontal shape.

The second layer is commonly known as the "support layer". Its design is more rigid, so it keeps the overall shape of the mattress and provides support for softer and thinner comfort levels.

Then there is the "bottom layer". The ground supports two layers, usually the thickest and hardest. Each layer mentioned above can have a sub layer based on the manufacturer, design, or innovation.

Features of different foam mattresses:

  • Viscoelastic foam mattress, natural plant foam

Since 1992, the viscoelastic elastic memory foam mattress has become the most mature and most popular mattress. The memory foam mattress of this material has almost become a standard. And almost all memory foam pillows are made of this material. memory foam mattress top has the characteristics of silent, relieving back pain and durability. As one of the most common technologies used by entry-level and expert manufacturers, this type of mattress is popular with many bricks-and-mortar stores and online retailers.

  • Gel injection foam mattress

Among the three types of gel injection foam mattress is one of the most advanced, it is the basis of traditional viscoelastic foam, on the basis of the injected millions of gel beads. The role of the gel beads is won't make you when sleep will not feel like in the traditional foam mattress is too hot, send out quantity of heat faster, let you more cool during sleep.

  • Natural plant foam mattress

Natural plant foam mattress, also known as ecological or natural memory foam mattress, since listing has quickly become one of the most popular among consumers and choose one of the most acclaimed mattress. The mattress is filled with plant extracts instead of the traditional gel or petroleum.

Natural plant foam memory mattresses are similar to those of two other types of mattresses in comfort and ease of joint pain. But it has shown great advantages in cooling, relieving back pain, odor, ventilation, environmental protection and health protection. As a result, the mattress is popular with sensitive skin customers.

When you shop for a memory foam mattress, you will find no worst or best memory foam mattress. Everything depends on your personal preferences, requirements and budgets. However, given that a good mattress can easily last more than 10 years, and given the raw cost, it is wise to make the right choice from the start. Think of it as an investment. After all, this purchase will bring you health and comfort. Our advice is to spend a little extra money on natural plant products. The mattress is usually more expensive than traditional or gel mattresses, but the extra cost is worth it.

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