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Natural Sleep 8-Inch Talalay Latex Foam Mattress

Description of Firm Latex Mattress: 

The Caluful Natural Sleep  8-inch Talalay Latex Foam mattress includes a beautifully detailed triangle cover with a suede border and provides a superior pressure relief that can dramatically reduce tossing and turning, to allow for a better sleep. With its tailored knit fabric, it allows airflow for a better night sleep and the stretch knit fibers with the latex foam layers  optimize its contouring properties. 

Queen Size Latex Mattress Features: 

The design is a luxurious knit cover with suede sides 
It has a Natural latex foam layer 
A high performance support base 
The mattress provides a medium-plush Feel 

King Size Latex Mattress Benefits: 

The mattress helps to relieve pressure and reduce back pain 
With its latex foam, pressure is reduced from the shoulders, neck and back 
Provides better circulation to allow for a deeper sleep 
Assists in preventing motion transfer on the mattress 
There is no need to flip the mattress 

Sizes available: 

  •  Twin 
  •  Twin X-Long 
  •  Full 
  •  Queen 
  •  King 
  •  California King 
  •  Split King (2 Twin XL) 

Natural, Plant-Derived Latex

To provide you with a restful sleep, we provide our 100% natural latex comfort layer that is plant-derived and 100% hypoallergenic. This latex foam creates a layer of buoyant support that cradles you from the moment you lie down. 

Soft, Organic Cotton 

The Caluful Talalay Latex Foam mattress is designed with enhanced organic cotton fabric that gives excellent sleeping surface and full relaxation. It is breathable and has a pinstripe design 

Specially-designed, Calibrated Coils 

The Caluful Talalay Latex Foam mattress is very comfortable in any sleeping position, with its fabric-encased coils to provide a long-lasting comfort, while at the same time minimizing the disturbance by your partner. Each coil is specifically calibrated to increase your support while eliminating painful pressure points. 

Features Include: 

  •  100% natural latex 
  •  Fabric-encased coils 
  •  Superior construction 
  •  Ships rolled in a box 
  •  No assembly needed 
  •  Proudly handmade here in the USA

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton (Hypoallergenic & Extra Soft) 

Our mattress is incredibly soft, with a breathable organic cotton at its top layer that is perfect for a restful nights sleep. An elegant pinstripe design and a cover made with ultra soft organic cotton, eliminating the harsh dyes and chemicals that can cause irritation. 

100% Natural Latex Foam (Comfort From Nature) 

Our latex foam offers the finest, uncompromised natural latex with no fillers or blends, it allows for the most comfortable sleep nature has to offer and each layer is optimize for maximum pressure relief. 

Fabric-Encased Coils (Last Longer, Feel Better) 

The special calibration helps to minimize the motion transfer, to ensure better uninterrupted sleep, with a better support system due to the individual wrapped coils and fits your body. It is also 26% more durable than foam. 
Your mattresses sent directly to your door 
We consider our luxurious latex mattresses are surprisingly affordable, as they are handcrafted in our factory and no money is wasted on indirectly on commisions, showrooms and overpriced packaging. We provide exceptionally comfortable mattresses at comfortable prices to allow you to rest easy. 

Natural latex advantages: 

  • It has hypo-allergenic benefits 
  • There are no harsh chemicals or irritants 
  • No chemical off from gassing and no odors 
  • Provide perfect support and comfort 
  • It reduces pressure from body points 
  • it is resilient and long-lasting 
  • It has natural antimicrobial and dust mite resistance 

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