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Latex Mattress

The Caluful Natural Sleep Talalay Latex Foam mattress includes a beautifully detailed triangle cover with a suede border and provides a superior pressure relief that can dramatically reduce tossing and turning, to allow for a better sleep. With its tailored knit fabric, it allows airflow for a better night sleep and the stretch knit fibers with the latex foam layers  optimize its contouring properties. 

Latex mattress is one of the most popular mattress which is emerging in recent years, is made up of natural rubber juice as raw material foam moulding, itself has tens of thousands of air holes, so it has excellent permeability which is one of the few in the mattress. Natural latex is sending out a stream of natural latex milk fragrance, can effectively prevent mosquito near the mattress, prevent bacterial growth, at the same time the emulsion surface is relatively smooth, mite is difficult to adsorption, so has the effect of preventing mites breeding. Better elasticity and resilience of latex mattresses that is the best latex mattress among all the mattress, can not only adapt to the crowd of different weight, and strong ability of different position to adapt to the human body, plus its turn no noise, small vibration, one turn is not easy to affect their partner's sleep, so as to improve the sleep quality of sleepers.

The all natural latex mattress is made from the collection and processed rubber tree resin for its internal materials rather than traditional mattress materials such as spring. It is widely regarded as the most durable, natural and healthiest mattress, which is ideal for people with back pain. They are also popular for people with allergies. Its low-allergenic organic materials make it the healthiest and greenest mattress on the market.

There are three types of materials commonly used to populate the mattress core. Mattresses made of these three materials have similar resilience and solidity, but vary greatly in price, overall quality and longevity.

  • Natural (organic) latex mattress

All natural latex mattress is basically made from processed tree juice or whey, which is a viscous emulsion found in rubber trees. 100% natural latex mattresses are rare in retail and showrooms, because they are relatively expensive to extract and manufacture. If you want to buy a natural latex mattress, the ideal way is to order online because you will have more options and cheaper prices.

  • Synthetic latex mattress

Synthesis means that it is made up of synthetic materials that resemble the organic materials mentioned above. Synthetic materials are much broader, much cheaper than natural, but less durable and less sturdy.

  • Hybrid latex mattress

Hybrid latex is a mixture of organic latex and synthetic latex, usually containing 80 percent of synthetic and 20 percent organic matter. Although the mixture may be half-open, the most common form of synthetic materials is the majority of synthetic materials to reduce costs. When buying the latex mattress is important to note that some manufacturers sell hybrid latex mattress but not released when the composition, the content of organic matter in encounter this kind of situation you will carefully. Hybrid latex mattresses are very common, relatively cheap, and provides a good in quality, durability, and cost-effective to balance the two kinds of the characteristics of the mattress.

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