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Hybrid Memory Foam & King Size Mattress

Hybrid Memory Foam &pocket spring Mattress

The Hybrid latex & pocket spring mattress combines our 5 series foam. This mattress contains individually wrapped coil support system and memory foam that allows you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep long and always to awake feeling refreshed. Due to the design of the coil support system, there is no transfer of motion, to prevent external motion from waking you up at night. Due to this system, tossing and turning is reduced and pressure is relieved, because of the luxurious eco-flex plant based comfort layers.

Mattress Features & Benefits:

  • A personalized fit due to our individually wrapped coil spring system allows for your the mattress to conform to body.
  • For each coil they will act independently allowing for reduced tossing and turning and relieve pressure.
  • Due to our exclusive spring units that allow for no transfer of motion, your partner's movements should leave you undisturbed.
  • With the combination of natural latex, pressure absorbing visco memory foam that allows for reduced pressure and provides hypo-allergenic.
  • All of our foam-encased beds feature Tri-zoned lumbar support, to give you extra support in your lumbar region, as well as due to our foam-encased design, it provides a firmer edge allowing you to sleep all the way to the edge without feeling you will fall off. This design also provides an increase in sleeping surface area and reduces vibrations.
  • Maintains a balanced temperature throughout the night allowing for muscles to breathe and heal.
  • By combing the layers from our Eco-flex blant based cushioning foam and spring system, this helps to minimize the pressure and reduce pain as well as tossing and turning.
  • Always returns to its original shape to support you night after night
  • All materials are processed right here at Caluful, so we know they are the best and can offer a 20 year warranty.
  • The hybrid memory foam & pocket spring collection is designed and available in 6 comfort levels that provides conformabilty and undisturbed sleep. By combining the CoolTouch memory foam and our individually-wrapped system, pressure is relieved.

Comfort Layer: Layers of Luxurious High Density Eco-Flex HD Foam ,CoolTouch Memory Foam
Support Layer: 6 -Series Foam Encased Individually-Wrapped Coils. Made by Caluful Mattress, they don't transfer motion and contour to the individual sleeper for a custom fit and ideal pressure relief.
Base Layer: Orthopedic Eco-Flex Plant-Based Base Layer
Edge Support: Foam Encased Edge Support System with Tri-Zoned Lumbar Support
Cover Fabric:Rayon 4-Way Stretch Knit Cover

Hybird Mattress Available Sizes:

  • Twin (38" x 74")
  • Twin Long (38" x 80")
  • Full/Double (53" x 74")
  • Queen (60" x 80")
  • California King (72" x 84")
  • Eastern King (76" x 80")

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