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Hybird Mattress

What is hybrid mattress? Hybrid mattress which combines the bottom of the coil with the top layer of foam made from memory foam or latex foam. Hybrid mattress that is mainly by combining the advantages of spring mattress and foam mattress, and avoid the disadvantages of the two, to meet the needs of people are not suitable for any single type of mattress sleep needs.

Generally, The spring mattress or coil mattress is characterized by its support and elasticity. while the memory foam will give you more obvious surrounded feeling, let you get better to release the pressure. The two materials themselves are different, but combining them can create a new type of mattress that works best with two materials.

The characteristic of spring mattress

Using the spring mattress, the goal is to keep the sleeper on top of the mattress while providing support. Sleeping on this type of mattress is easy to go up and down, although it may be related to your movement and transmission of motion. In addition, if you sleep on the same mattress with other people, you can almost feel and hear every movement that he has done throughout the night. The sleepers' movement is easily transmitted through metal coils, a drawback of standard spring/coil mattresses.

The characteristics of foam mattress

The purpose of using the foam mattress is diverse. These types of mattress are designed to allow sleepers to get deeper into mattresses, focusing on body outlines, deep compression and pressure release. Foam mattresses are almost silent, so you can move around in bed without waking your partner. Having said that, if there is no support spring elasticity, how to move is often a challenge in the foam mattress sleep, some sleepers complained about "stuck" or feel mattress sleep too hot.

The characteristics of a hybrid mattress

A good hybrid bed mattress will combine a lot of advantages of spring mattresses and foam mattresses and avoid the drawbacks of both. For example, a hybrid mattress holds the spring mattress's elasticity and ease of movement, while also providing deep compression support and pressure release layers. Real hybrid mattresses can only contain springs and bubbles.

But some semi-mixed mattresses combine spring mattress base and pillow layer. The effect of these mattresses is similar to that of hybrid mattress, as they retain the elasticity of the traditional spring mattress. Even if you hit the mattress, the pillow layer still gives you a sense of comfort. This helps prevent vomiting and back pain and provides instant, deep compression support for the foam mattresses you need.

The Hybrid latex & pocket spring mattress combines our 5 series foam. This mattress contains individually wrapped coil support system and memory foam that allows you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep long and always to awake feeling refreshed. Due to the design of the coil support system, there is no transfer of motion, to prevent external motion from waking you up at night. Due to this system, tossing and turning is reduced and pressure is relieved, because of the luxurious eco-flex plant based comfort layers.

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