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Handmade Mattress

At Caluful our nautical preferred modles use soy based Biofoams, that contain sustainable forest lumber and make use of TENCEL New Age Fabric, a futuristic surface that will feel unbelievable smooth when you touch it. The select models have a certified organic cotton, imported Australian Joma wool and outer hand tufting and celsion Talalay Latex, that will assist in keeping your body cool and provide pressure relief. 

Organic mattresses are defined as non-synthetic materials, made from materials that are not chemically treated, and mattresses that adhere to organic standards.

Advantages of organic handmade mattress:

  • No chemical component

Organic bed mattresses are made with no synthetic chemicals involved in growth, processing and manufacturing. Organic wool is not soaked by chemicals, and the sheep's living range is protected from dangerous pesticides. The cotton we use does not use pesticides and does not use chemicals during manufacturing, so our organic cotton is safer than conventional cotton. Our organic latex grows on plantations that comply with federal USDA organic regulations. In addition, our mattresses are not coated with the carcinogenic flame retardants needed to meet the 1633 flame-retardant laws. Instead, we use organic wool, a natural flame retardant that is in line with national fire retardant safety regulations that benefit you and your family's health.

  • Avoid allergy

Organic wool mattresses are good for people with allergies because the wool we use is not chemically soaked. Natural wool has 100% low allergenicity, which can resist bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites. Wool fibers contain a substance that ACTS as a self-cleaning mechanism and ventilation system to drain water and allergens. Because wool is good at releasing moisture, it eliminates the possibility of a large increase in moisture and dust mites.

  • Adjust the temperature

Organic mattress has a natural temperature regulating function. Organic wool and organic cotton help our mattress warm in winter and cool in summer. These natural ingredients through perspiration to regulate body temperature by lowering your skin's humidity, make your heart beat for a smooth state, and make your skin temperature is in best.

  • Endurance

Handmade mattress have longer life expectancy than synthetic mattresses because they are not easily damaged. Handmade mattresses usa are made from natural, durable, flexible and long-lasting natural fabrics. For example, organic wool can stretch to 30% when dry, wet when stretched to 50%, and release will still be back to its original shape, because wool fiber molecular inherent state is curly. The flexibility of wool fibers makes them more durable. Wool fibers can be bent more than 20,000 times without being damaged. The natural elasticity of wool makes wool fabric resistant to tearing. Wool's chemical structure also prevents it from being compressed. Organic cotton has also performed well in this area, with long durability.

  • Sustainable and biodegradable

The materials and methods used in the cultivation of organic cotton are minimal environmental impact. Do not use toxic and unsustainable pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, we do not use the seeds of genetic engineering in organic agriculture, which is prohibited by federal regulations. In addition, wool is also a renewable resource that can be biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials made of petroleum.

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