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  • Here are 10 Tips for Getting Good SleepHere are 10 Tips for Getting Good SleepSeptember 22, 2017Tip 1 -- avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobaccoOf course, that doesn't mean you're going to say goodbye to all of these bad habits. We just suggest that you stay away from them a few hours before bedtim...view
  • How to prevent insomnia ?How to prevent insomnia ?September 21, 2017The prevention of insomnia is mainly to relax the body completely, relaxed is to refer to psychological and body fully relaxed, to the psychology how we relax, how do we relax psychologically.One is n...view
  • What are the criteria for quality sleep ?What are the criteria for quality sleep ?September 20, 2017As people become more and more concerned about sleep, many of the medical concepts of sleep also come into our lives, such as deep sleep, light sleep, effective sleep, and so on. But few people really...view

Single Bed Mattress

There are a variety of single-size mattresses sold on the market. It is also common to customize single size mattresses, so the price and size of single size mattresses are varied. A mattress is an object of person and bed made of various materials to ensure that consumers can get a healthy and comfortable sleep. A comfortable single size mattress has two criteria: one is that a person's spine can maintain a flat stretching no matter in which posture; the other is equal pressure so that a person can be fully relaxed when he lies on it.

Sleep is the foundation of health. How can we have a healthy sleep? Besides working, living, physical and psychological reasons, having a healthy, comfortable, beautiful and durable sleeping mattress is the key to getting high-quality sleep.

With the continuous development of material civilization and technology, the types of single size mattress used by modern people tend to be diversified, including spring single size mattress, palm single size mattress, latex single size mattress and water single size mattress, air single size mattress and magnetic single size mattress. Among them, spring single size mattresses account for a large proportion.
  • 6-Inch Full Memory Foam Mattress

    6-Inch Full Memory Foam Mattress

    July 26, 2017Description of Memory Foam MattressCaluful 6-Inch memory foam mattress pad can give you a comfortable sleep experience with the combination of breathable memory foam on the support layer. This series ...view
  • Natural Sleep 11-Inch Talalay Latex Foam Mattress

    Natural Sleep 11-Inch Talalay Latex Foam Mattress

    February 26, 2017100% Natural Latex Foam - No Poly Foam, No Synthetic Latex Foam, No Blended Latex Foam.Quilted Cover Made of Organic Cotton and New Zealand Wool - Designed, Sewn, Assembled and Packaged in our Chicago...view
  • 12-Inch single Memory Foam Mattress

    12-Inch single Memory Foam Mattress

    July 26, 2017General Introduction of 12 Inch Memory Foam MattressThe memory foam composed of a 3.5" layer of memory foam and a 8.5" layer of high density foam fits body’s natural shape.The material of the Signatu...view
  • Two Side Pocket Spring Mattress

    Two Side Pocket Spring Mattress

    July 26, 2017THE Cool Spring GEL UNITY BEDSCalafu can offer you 7 series individually wrapped coils and apply Cool GEL technology in double memory foam mattresses. The Cool Spring GEL Unity models of our double sp...view

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