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  • Sleep StateSleep StateSeptember 17, 2017Sleep state refers to the appearance of a person during sleep.There are four stages of sleep relative to waking state, sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and continue to sleep, each cycle can be divided ...view
  • What are the Benefits of a Hot Bath before Bed?What are the Benefits of a Hot Bath before Bed?September 16, 2017There are many popular science books to take a hot bath before going to bed as a good way to improve their sleep quality.It's supposed to be good for sleep, it's scientific.Sleep itself is not a passi...view
  • The Characteristics and Functions of SleepThe Characteristics and Functions of SleepSeptember 16, 2017More than one third of one's life time is spent in morpheus, and all need to keep the right amount of sleep daily, otherwise, people are prone to physical or mental illness, this means that sleep is s...view

 Full Size Mattress

The size of king size bed is 180㎝*200㎝ and the matched full extra long mattress is 200㎝*230㎝ or 220㎝*240㎝. The size of quilt being the same as that of the cover or 20 cm shorter in length and width can be used normally. In general, the branded beddings will mark specific specifications on the package, which can be referred to. Generally,the sheet size for full extra long mattress is 240 cm * 250 cm ~ 265 cm * 250 cm.
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