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  • Giant King-Kong Prime SpringGiant King-Kong Prime SpringMarch 2, 2017Among all the soft bed furniture,Giant King-Kong Prime Spring has large human engineering,and the spring wire is 0.3mm---3.5mm,Ithas super resilience.The human engineering is also increased and impro...view
  • 4R Energy Saving Spring4R Energy Saving SpringMarch 2, 2017The design concept of 4R Energy Saving Spring is derived from Reduce,Reuse,Recycle,and Recovery.its oval loops are made of 4circles.The degree of resisrance to pressure is higher than the similar clas...view
  • Left-Right turning SpringLeft-Right turning SpringMarch 2, 2017A perfect matching between left turning and right turning spring ,the spring will be dragged in between to reach a balance and the combination of left and right turning can produce the upward field to...view

 Full Size Mattress

The size of king size bed is 180㎝*200㎝ and the matched full extra long mattress is 200㎝*230㎝ or 220㎝*240㎝. The size of quilt being the same as that of the cover or 20 cm shorter in length and width can be used normally. In general, the branded beddings will mark specific specifications on the package, which can be referred to. Generally,the sheet size for full extra long mattress is 240 cm * 250 cm ~ 265 cm * 250 cm.
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