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California King Size Mattress

California king size mattress is produced by our company. And it adopts independent bagged spring bed net, to which high elasticity latex cotton and high elasticity pressure released memory cotton have adhered. Edge reinforcement technique is used in the peripheral mattress and the high-grade skin-friendly knitted fabric is used on the surface. Independent operating system is set inside of the mattress. Each of the springs is inconnected, stretching or bracing independently, which can reduce the effect brought by rollovers,  in order to make sleep steady and care for deep sleep. Besides, each of the springs is sealed inside of tough fibrous bags, which can prevent them from mildew or moths. At the same time noises made by the friction of springs can be avoided. Peripheral edge reinforcement system makes the rim firm and thick, which is harder than the springs of other parts so as to make the edge of bed stronger and not easily deformed. There is space memory cotton and comfortable latex cotton, the former one can bounce back slowly and shape automatically, which can match with the latter one and absorb the upper pressure effectively so as to release physical stress effectively.

California king size mattress also called the king of the west, can only be chosen by the rich and the elite. These king size mattresses are produced by a furniture company in California. They are produced only for tall actors, celebrities and sportsmen firstly in the 1960s. California king size mattress is 72 inches wide, 84 inches long, 76 inches wide, 80 inches long.
  • Gel 8 Inch Ventilated Full Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    Gel 8 Inch Ventilated Full Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    February 26, 2017Gel 8-Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam MattressThe cool 8-inch ventilated gel memory foam matress is designed from using our advanced Gel technology, that syphens off heat to maintain a balanced b...view
  • Handmade Cotton Mattress  & Pocket Spring Mattress

    Handmade Cotton Mattress & Pocket Spring Mattress

    February 26, 2017handmade cotton mattress & pocket spring mattressWhat makes Caluful mattress unique is about our craftmanship , which is far superior compared to other bedding manufacturers. As most other manufac...view
  • Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress

    Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress

    July 26, 2017Pillow top pocket spring mattressBeing one of our luxurious collections, the pillow top pocket spring mattress collection are designed to provide you with a luxurious sleep experience, for which the c...view

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