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  • Here are 10 Tips for Getting Good SleepHere are 10 Tips for Getting Good SleepSeptember 22, 2017Tip 1 -- avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobaccoOf course, that doesn't mean you're going to say goodbye to all of these bad habits. We just suggest that you stay away from them a few hours before bedtim...view
  • How to prevent insomnia ?How to prevent insomnia ?September 21, 2017The prevention of insomnia is mainly to relax the body completely, relaxed is to refer to psychological and body fully relaxed, to the psychology how we relax, how do we relax psychologically.One is n...view
  • What are the criteria for quality sleep ?What are the criteria for quality sleep ?September 20, 2017As people become more and more concerned about sleep, many of the medical concepts of sleep also come into our lives, such as deep sleep, light sleep, effective sleep, and so on. But few people really...view

Mattress Size

As a professional mattress manufacturer in America, we can produce mattress in all sizes like twin bed mattress, twin extra long mattress, full size mattress, queen size mattress, king size mattress, and California king size mattress.
  • Single Bed Mattress

    Single Bed Mattress

    January 19, 2018There are a variety of single-size mattresses sold on the market. It is also common to customize single size mattresses, so the price and size of single size mattresses are varied. A mattress is an ob...view
  • Double Bed Mattress

    Double Bed Mattress

    January 19, 2018Nowadays when many people go to the mall to buy beddings, they find the most important thing is that they don't know the size of mattress. A proper size mattress is a prerequisite for comfortable and ...view
  • Twin Bed Mattress

    Twin Bed Mattress

    January 19, 2018view
  • Twin Extra Long Mattress

    Twin Extra Long Mattress

    January 19, 2018The length of a mattress is better based on individual height plus 15 cm at least, which is appropriate to reserve the space for the pillow in order to reduce the construction during sleeping. If you ...view
  •  Full Size Mattress

     Full Size Mattress

    January 19, 2018The size of king size bed is 180㎝*200㎝ and the matched full extra long mattress is 200㎝*230㎝ or 220㎝*240㎝. The size of quilt being the same as that of the cover or 20 cm shorter in length and width can be u...view
  • Queen Size Mattress

    Queen Size Mattress

    January 19, 2018The normal size of a queen size mattress is:Queen size mattress - 76 x 80 inches (or 198 x 203 centimeters)California Queen size mattress - 72 x 84 inches (or 182 x 213 centimeters)Queen size mattress...view
  •  King Size Mattress

     King Size Mattress

    January 19, 2018King size mattress is not just a fancy name, but the royal member among all the bedding. Because of its comfort, durability, cost-benefit and practical use for people in all sizes, it enjoys a great r...view
  • California King Size Mattress

    California King Size Mattress

    January 19, 2018California king size mattress is produced by our company. And it adopts independent bagged spring bed net, to which high elasticity latex cotton and high elasticity pressure released memory cotton hav...view

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