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  • Here are 10 Tips for Getting Good SleepHere are 10 Tips for Getting Good SleepSeptember 22, 2017Tip 1 -- avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobaccoOf course, that doesn't mean you're going to say goodbye to all of these bad habits. We just suggest that you stay away from them a few hours before bedtim...view
  • How to prevent insomnia ?How to prevent insomnia ?September 21, 2017The prevention of insomnia is mainly to relax the body completely, relaxed is to refer to psychological and body fully relaxed, to the psychology how we relax, how do we relax psychologically.One is n...view
  • What are the criteria for quality sleep ?What are the criteria for quality sleep ?September 20, 2017As people become more and more concerned about sleep, many of the medical concepts of sleep also come into our lives, such as deep sleep, light sleep, effective sleep, and so on. But few people really...view

Waterproof Mattress

The waterproof mattress is made of the cotton wool ring ( 80 % cotton, 20 % polyester ) with natural moisture absorption and soft feeling. The bottom layer is TPU polyurethane film for waterproof lining, no other filler. It is suitable for home, hotel, hospital, school, etc. The breathable membrane of the waterproof mattress can allow air circulation, but at the same time prevent liquid from flowing through. This can effectively prevent allergens, bugs, dust mites, bacteria, sweat, urine and other liquids.

A waterproof mattress refers to a mattress which can resist water. A waterproof cloth is added to the fabric of the mattress, sewn or separately added. And the waterproof moisture-permeable membrane of the waterproof mattress is a natural repellent substance with 9 billion holes per square inch, but each hole is only one in two parts of a drop of water, completely blocking rain and snow.
  • Gel 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Twin Bed Mattress

    Gel 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Twin Bed Mattress

    February 26, 2017Gel 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam MattressThe Gel 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is considered to be of Extreme Luxury and is an Exclusive Amazon Mattress. This Mattress is designed to pamper you,...view
  • 5 Zone Innerspring Mattress

    5 Zone Innerspring Mattress

    July 26, 20175 zone pocket spring mattressOur 5 zone pocket spring mattress ranks first among our new and luxurious collections at present. The best innerspring mattress will assist you in falling asleep more quic...view

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