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Hypoallergenic Mattress

Mattress becomes the source of allergy
Here we mainly point to dust mites. Dust mites can only be observed by microscopes, they mainly take scurf of a human for food so they reproduce faster on beds. dust mites are important sources of allergy which can induce asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema and other allergic diseases. according to the report from the largest Medical and Health services website WebMD, about 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites. use hot water to wash bed sheets and pillowcases periodical can get rid of mites. It's better to buy mattresses which are branded with " hypoallergenic". Besides, we can also use a vacuum cleaner to tidy mattresses.

We bring you hypoallergenic mattresses
The material of mattresses that our company produced has received medical handling and we are good at anti-allergy. We came across the ocean from America with love in order to offer you a good sleep. The mattresses that our company produced is of good tightness, which can prevent dead skin and body oil from infiltrating into mattresses. We have only one goal that is to make a comfortable bed mattress and offer you good sleep.
  • Natural Sleep 11-Inch Talalay Latex Foam Mattress

    Natural Sleep 11-Inch Talalay Latex Foam Mattress

    February 26, 2017100% Natural Latex Foam - No Poly Foam, No Synthetic Latex Foam, No Blended Latex Foam.Quilted Cover Made of Organic Cotton and New Zealand Wool - Designed, Sewn, Assembled and Packaged in our Chicago...view
  • 10-Inch  Foam Memory Mattress

    10-Inch Foam Memory Mattress

    July 26, 2017General Introduction of Memory Foam Full MattressOur 10 inch memory foam mattress is composed of 2.5" layer of Memory Foam on the top and a 7.5" layer of high density foam at the bottom. The full memo...view

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