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Cooling Technology Mattress

The mattresses produced by our company have excellent quality.

The cooling technology mattress produced by our company can bring coolness to everyone in the hot summer. The working principle of the cooling technology mattress is refrigeration cycle. The refrigerant (gas) compressed by the compressor can exhaust gas with high temperature and pressure. And the gas with high temperature and pressure, through the cooling of a condenser, can become liquid, then makes it into low-pressure spray by throttling the liquid refrigerant. By the evaporator, evaporate the spray into saturated steam and go back to the compressor to have the second cycles. The gas refrigerant with high temperature and pressure is made into liquid. The working principles of cooling technology is same to that of refrigeration equipment.

Refrigeration mattresses, with semiconductors, liquid media or air, heat or refrigerate various media through the main engine. Through circuitous pipes inside the mattress, it can exchange heat and coldness with human body. Thus, the effect of heating or refrigeration is achieved.

Loving yourself starts with buying yourself a comfortable mattress. The mattresses in our company can give you warmth and love, so you will fall in love with your bed! Fall in love with your healthy and comfortable life!
  • 6-Inch Full Memory Foam Mattress

    6-Inch Full Memory Foam Mattress

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  • 3 Zone Foam Pocket Spring Mattress

    3 Zone Foam Pocket Spring Mattress

    July 26, 20173 Zone Pocket Foam Spring MattressCaluful 3 zone spring mattress is featured by Nested Wrapped Coils and GEL technology, with Duchess Collection for extravagant night's sleep. Our best pocket coil mat...view

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