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What is a Sleep Environment ?

In fact, in addition to physiological, psychological, biological rhythms and other human factors, sleep quality is also affected by the sleep environment directly.

When people are sleeping, a good environment can improve the comfort of the human body, thus improve the quality of sleep.

Many studies have been done on people's sleep from the physiological and psychological aspects, but to ensure high-quality sleep, It is not enough to study the physiology and psychology of sleep, also need to study the conditions of sleep habits and sleep environment, especially bedding and other substances.

The environment of sleep includes such conditions like sound, temperature, humidity, smell, ventilation, light, air quality and space, which are generally considered to affect the natural environment of sleep. Calm and dark light, the air fresh without peculiar smell, the appropriate temperature of 24 degrees Celsiusand humidity, can improve human comfort greatly, sleep is very important to ensure good health. These factors can't ensure sleep quality as long as there is a non-comfortable range.

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