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What did CALUFUL's Engineers do to Get You Better Sleep?

People can't sleep well because of the bad sleeping environment, what are the most important factors? That's temperature and humidity.

When people are lying on a dry mattress, they feel comfortable, but what happens when people get a sweat in their sleep? We would lie in a very wet environment, and we would have to move around to find a better place to sleep. When people move or turn over, the sleep has been interrupted and the serious person has no sleep all night. This will be a very painful experience.

In the course of the research, the engineers of Caluful found that many people had such a painful experience. To solve this problem, our engineers have discovered a new technique by comparing hundreds of suitable sleep materials.

This material can be heated by the change of temperature, and it can be kept dry at normal temperature. But if you are exposed to human temperature, because of the rise of the temperature, the evaporation rate will be many times faster than the normal temperature, and in the process of evaporation, the purpose of environmental cooling is achieved.

We pioneered this material in North America because north Americans have a higher demand for sleep.

We are willing to maintain a comfortable and dry insomnia environment for consumers, and continuously improve the quality of consumers' sleep.

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