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In Order to Get Better Sleep, What Caluful's Engineers do?

People often can't sleep well because of the discomfort sleep environment. What is the most importnat factor to keep good sleep?
The answer is balanced temperature and humidity.

When people sleep on dry and comfortable mattress, feel comfort. If when sleep, the temprature is too high and sweat comes out. Waking up in a dream, tossing and turning, looking for a dry sleeping position... Now, smooth and steady sleep interrupted, severely people whol wake up unable to sleep.

Engineer of Caluful found that during the study of factors affect sleep, it is commenly that overheating will lead to low quality sleep. In order to solve this problem, our engineers,  through carefully study of hundreds of materials that can improve their sleep quality, have finally found a new revolutionary technology.

This dynamic fabric technology can control heat and humidity effectively, adjust the body heat by changing the temperature. When the body produces heat due to overheating, the technology can accelerate the evaporation rate, and the extra evaporation can reduce the humidity, thus bringing the cooling effect.

We pioneered this material in North America because north Americans have a higher demand for sleep.

We are willing to provide a comfortable and dry sleep environment for consumers, we are also try to improve the quality of sleep continuously.

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