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Sleep Tips for the Aged

The need for sleep doesn't change with age, it changes sleep patterns. In fact, the body's circadian clock, which controls sleep will be advanced with age.

Reduce pressure

Sit in a comfortable place quietly, close your eyes and flex your muscles slowly from your toes to your face. Breathe slowly through your nose for 10-20 minutes.

Reduce the time you spend in bed

Stress, depression, boredom, and pressure on your partner may cause you go to bed too early. Older people often go to bed early because they are worried about sleep disruption or lack of sleep, but they are exacerbating sleep problems. Staying in bed too long can lead to unripe and incomplete sleep.

Avoid relying on recipes for insomnia

Caffeine should be reduced after 6 p.m. When people get older, and coffee, tea, soda and chocolate beans can cause insomnia.

Not your prescription medications

If have the habit of taking medicine, may wish to consult the doctor take drugs for sleep if there is a side effect, because some drugs may be a easy drowsy, certain drugs may cause insomnia.

Take part in outdoor sports

The study found that exposure to daylight during the day can help you fall asleep at night. Taking a walk in the afternoon or early evening can help you sleep better at night.

Think diligently

Cultivating personal interests, learning, participating in volunteer work or social activities can make the elderly think diligently during the day and sleep better at night.

Reduce the nap

Most old people should avoid naps, in case awake at night. If really need nap, had better not exceed 20 minutes, exceed this time, easily cause evening insomnia.

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