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The Cost of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep the important physiological functions to maintain human life, eliminate fatigue, make the tissues and organs damaged cells get timely repair , lack of sleep can cause the body a variety of hazards, the long-term lack of sleep will lead to various diseases.

Lack of sleep can lead to obesity

Chronic lack of sleep can affect the regulation of metabolic hormones, leading to obesity.

Lack of sleep reduces life expectancy

Long-term lack of sleep can lead to decreased immune function, endocrine disorders, easy to cause hypertension, stroke, obesity, cataract and other inductions and aggravations, and may lead to shorter life expectancy.

The appearance of aging

Lack of sleep leads to dark circles, complexion, and poor appearance.
Chronic sleep deprivation is more likely to lead to hair loss, poor skin, wrinkles, and even aging

Important inducement cause cancer

Cancerous cells was produced in the division, and cell division during sleep mostly, once sleep patterns are disrupted, the body is hard to control its fast fission, then cause cancer.

Lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes

The nurses' health study at Harvard University found that lack of sleep will increase stress hormone secretion and cause higher blood pressure and the concentration of substances in the blood, increase the risk of heart disease or diabetes.
Infant lack of sleep affects growth

The quality of sleep is especially important for the physical and mental health of infants and young children, and lack of sleep can easily lead to poor development of children

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