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Start with a Good Mattress to Sleep Well

One third of the lifetime is spent on the bed. Therefore, for the tired body and soul in the modern society, it is very important to have a comfortable mattress. A perfect mattress is not simple as the mattress stuffed with springs. It is the crystal of the high technology and also the product of the rigorous and pragmatic spirit.

The ordinary spring mattress could easily cause the waist suspension because its springs are connected to each other, which leads to many kinds of discomfort or disease such as the backache and the spinal curve. Many adults can turn over for dozens of times on the bed per night, which could easily influence the people around them.

The pocketed coils in the new type of mattress which is developed by the engineering team of CALUFUL can stretch out and draw back independently and hold up people according to their body shape perfectly. The comfortable experience of sleeping on this new bed soon set off a boom in the whole world.

CALUFUL has the advanced testing center. To give each mattress a quality assurance of 10 years, each kind of mattress which is developed here should pass a strict test of its quality. For example, the simulation of the service condition of the mattress which is used for 10 years.

For modern people, what is indispensable in the life is a haven where they can relax their body and soul. And this haven may start from a perfect mattress.

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