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Sleep is the Most Natural Psychotherapy 

Sleep are often satisfied by us in a day. But good sleep is not only good for your health, it has a positive effect on emotional stress, cognitive behavior, learning ability, and even creativity.

The WASM has launched 321 sleep day worldwide since 2008. Sleep and wellness programs are proposed to raise awareness about the growing problem of sleep, reminding the relationship between sleep and health, and let the public understand the importance of sleep quality.

Sleep helps regulate mood, and emotion regulation is an important part of  pursuing success , not only can improve cognition, learning memory and concentration, even creativity will promoted in the sleep stages, help thinking of development.

To rule out may cause the pressure of sleep disorders, except from the psychological level to correct morpheus environment is also cannot be ignored, as long as the personal feeling is comfortable, is the ideal environment of sleep. Rule out potential stress caused by sleep disorders, in addition to the psychological correction, the sleep environment is also a part can not ignored, as long as you feels comfortable, it is the ideal sleep environment.

In psychology, the sleep environment is also a kind of restricts learning, if you always feel cheerful and reassuring when lying on the mattress, it must be helpful to the quality.

In the sleep environment, bed is the main key to sleep quality.It is also found in the field of sleep medicine that a mattress can support all parts of the body and provide perfect comfort when lying down, can make people feel comfortable and good sleep.A good mattress, comes from the persistence of every link and quality, any small detail can affect the sleep comfort.

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