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  • Functions of SleepFunctions of SleepSeptember 15, 2017More than one third of one's life time is spent in morpheus, and need to keep the right amount of sleep daily, otherwise, people are prone to physical or mental illness, this means that is how importa...view
  • What is a Sleep Environment ?What is a Sleep Environment ?September 14, 2017In fact, in addition to physiological, psychological, biological rhythms and other human factors, sleep quality is also affected by the sleep environment directly.When people are sleeping, a good envi...view
  • The Dangers of Sleep DeprivationThe Dangers of Sleep DeprivationSeptember 14, 2017In 1942, we slept an average of eight hours a night; Today, that number is down to 6.8 hours. Lauren f. friedman, Who have served in "psychology today", "scientific American" and other professional ...view

Relaxing Life, Time Enjoying

Long time of work and responsibilities pressure often let us forget the importance of the relaxation of body and mind health message, we encourage consumers to interact with family before sleeping, which can improve family affection, get a better sleep quality, walking in the sunshine, air, water invocation, have a rest in the night CALUFUL mattress, enjoy the dream-beauty sleep to get a better rest and relief, leave work behind temporarily, let tight body and mind release, better relaxation is the best remedy for good sleep!

CALUFUL has been committed to promoting high-quality sleep, the patented MEGACOIL independent cartridge spring provides adequate support, release stress of your body every inch, lying it can fully feel relax of body, heart and spirit of good sleep, let our bodies full of energy.

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