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Reasons for Poor Sleep Quality in the United States

There is a widespread problem of sleep deprivation in the United States. In the United States, thousands of people still feel exhausted when they wake up, if you are one of them, you may also have the same  problem about sleep deprivation as they do.

Although you can suffer from insomnia for thousands of reasons, there is no reason to ignore sleep deprivation. It has been proved that good sleep can help people fight against obesity, heart disease, depression and other problems.

In an article published by Gallup, people sleep only 6.5 hours on average at night, about 1.5 hours less than they need each night. Americans are troubled by sleep deprivation for the following reasons: the surroundings, the pressure of work, the bad financial situation and etc.

What can we do to change the problem of sleep deprivation?

1. The darker the room, the easier it is to fall asleep. So it's good to buy window-blinds or curtains that can block light when you sleep.

2. It's better to exercise at least 1 hour everyday. A recent sleep news study claims that any body movement will have an impact on overall sleep quality. As far as personal experience is concerned, it is not to suggest you doing exercise before going to sleep, because the rise of heart rate is hard for you to calm down to sleep.

3. You need a new mattress. Believe it or not, mattress can't be used all the time. Many Americans sleep on the same mattresses many years unconsciously, when they find that their mattresses are not comfortable as they used to be, they begin to complain. Although this would confuse people who have no idea how to buy mattress, it is not difficult to understand. In fact, the average useful life of mattress is 9-10 years. Generally, people only have 1-2 mattress in their lifetime. Once the mattress is out of service, you will feel uncomfortable when you lie on it.

4. Do not eat later supper, America's largest medical health website(WebMD) said that if you really want to have a good sleep, it is very important not to eat spicy food before sleeping, and not to eat anything difficult to digest and let your stomach work all night.

5. It's better to develop a long-term sleep regime. We all have our own habits. Try to do the same thing before sleeping every night to form the habit. Keep practicing yoga, meditation or prayer every night. And we also advise you to avoid any light activities, such as playing mobile phones before sleeping, watching TV, reading electronic books about 1-2 hours, because these activities will keep your mind awake rather than sleep. In addition, you should keep going to bed at the same time every night.

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