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Mattress are Closely Related to Sleep

More than a third of the time is in sleep state, a third of the time sleep is completed in bed, mattress and sleep are very closely related, can bring you healthy sleep experience, to help your body complete metabolism during sleep, get the largest recovery and adjustment.

When choosing a mattress, the most important is suits yourself, suitable is the best. CALUFUL reminds you: master the three principles and find the right choice.

一、Comply with ergonomic principals, naturally fit the human body with back curve

Good mattress must be able to fit the body curve well, the body should be able to hold the weight of the body and keep the body relaxed in various sleeping positions, will not have problems with weariness and aching muscles after waking up.

二、The mattress should suit your sleep habits

Enough length and width of the mattress can make the whole area of the bed increases, It is convenient to roll over during sleep, which can help the circulation of blood and breath and stretch gymnastics.

三、Environmental protection materials production and health ventilation, thermal design

During sleep, permeability and heat resistance can eliminate waste fully and keep mattress dry, insect antibacterial, and brings healthy and comfortable "breathing"  to the sleeper skin。

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