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In the Spotless Workshop

In the spotless workshop, after embroidery of fabric, making skirt, the surrounding edge and independent pocket springs, the adhesion of hot melt, wire frame welding and other hundreds of mechanical and manual production processes, a perfect mattress was born.

Explore carefully and you'll find some interesting details. For example, each individual spring bag is not straight but a barrel shape. It is narrow at both ends and wide in the middle. Thus the spring friction during extrusion can be avoided, and the independence of each spring can be improved.

For another example, spring bags are adjoined by three point hot melt adhesive, rather than the ordinary full wafer bonding. Thus each spring bag is truly independent, which has removed the shortcoming of the traditional spring---springs are connected in series and tie up with each other. Meanwhile, it can absorb the vibration caused by your change of sleeping position effectively and reduce the disturbance caused by the bed partner's move, so as to make you enjoy the high quality and undisturbed sleep all night.

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