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How to Develop Good Sleep Habits

Don't treat sleep as an optional luxury, it is critical, but often are ignored easily. Sleep is often treated as a nonessential, refundable thing.
What I want to say now is sleep is a priority. This is very important for those who sleep late.

First, built your own sleep schedule

In this plan, including sleep duration, bedtime, wake time planning and scheduling.

The goal of this program is to help us adjust our biological clock and to make it more regular, but it also helps to rebalance our hormones so we can sleep better.

Second, you need to distinguish between the empty sounds of sleep and the space of work

It's important for people to get used to working in the bedroom or to use the bed as a work area. When you are always working in bed, till sleep, your mind can't break away from the high strength work, you can't relax your muscles  not to mention have a good sleep

I hope you all get a good night's sleep.

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