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How Terrible for a Collapsed Spring Mattress?

There are consumers who use spring mattresses, especially the early bonnel springs. If the spring is not dense enough or used improperly, a mattress collapse is inevitable. The mattress collapse affects the quality of sleep and the comfort of the mattress. Once the inside of the mattress collapses, it can't be used.

The collapse of the mattress cannot be ignored

The mattresses are the most popular bedding products, with the most frequency and time. The longer the mattress is used, the worse the mattress wears, and the deformation and collapse of the mattresses also follow. Almost 9 percent of consumers use a spring mattress, the consumption and scrap of the spring mattresses are increasing year by year. The spring structure of the spring mattress has the strongest supporting force and stability, but it is also the most fragile. Once it has been affected by gravity for a long time, the resilience of the mattress spring will be weakened, and the internal spring will be deformed and broken. The first place where the spring mattress collapses is the mattress's edge spring, and the second is the middle of the mattress.

When a mattress collapses, it can not be continued

It is unscientific for some consumers to be reluctant to replace or maintain their mattresses when their mattresses have collapsed and become deformed. The sink mattress can no longer support the body to provide comfortable sleep. On the contrary, a collapsed mattress can pose a threat to human health.

The spring mattress collapses deformation, it is naturally caused by excessive external force, and the internal mattress spring has been deformed or broken. The inner spring of the mattress cannot provide the proper support for the body, it can cause the human spine deformation and the condition of a backache, and it can affect the quality of sleep.

So when you buy a mattress, you have to choose a mattress that has enough support for your body. The mattress produced by CALUFUL company has a high density, strong elasticity, strong steel wire tension and all the secondary heat treatment, which can keep the mattress better supported. With the super support bed frame developed by CALUFUL, we can escort your sleep in all directions.

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