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How Important is it to a Mattress? A Suitable Mattress can Say Goodbye to Insomnia, Backache!

One-third of the time life is spent in sleep, and a comfortable mattress and high-quality sleep decide not only the quality of 1/3 of your life, but also affect your work efficiency, life, and other aspects, so it is particularly important to choose a suitable mattress.

The CALUFUL mattress has a powerful bag spring research team. They will develop the support system based on mechanics, ergonomics and human sleep habits. In order to enable us to produce better products, they also have to have the fingers of various machines. Their team has developed a number of mattress machines.

At the same time, we are constantly looking for the shortage of various springs in the industry and the potential problems to find the solutions in time.

At the same time, we will use various test equipment and instruments to test our support system to ensure that each of our factory support systems can meet the requirements of the reservation.

The independent springs developed by the CALUFUL team have better performance, more flexibility, and higher anti-fatigue properties. Our products can be well balanced and suitable for ergonomic design. In addition, the rebound force performance is relatively good, and the noise is relatively small.

Our support system can be better supported by the body, and the two people who share the same bed will not interfere with each other and sleep will not be interrupted. The spring density is more than 70 %, and every part of the body is supported by the effect of delivery. It is not necessary to move the body repeatedly, so as to adjust to the comfortable position.

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