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How can You Choose a Good Mattress?

Healthy and comfortable sleep is the foundation of health. How can we have good sleep? In fast-paced work and life, a healthy, comfortable, beautiful and durable bedding is the key to getting high-quality sleep. With the progress of material civilization and technological process, the kinds of mattress used by modern people tend to be diversified.

One-third of life is spent in sleep. The four sign to measure whether the people have healthy sleep: sleep is sufficient, time is sufficient, quality is good, efficiency is high; Easy to sleep; Sleep uninterrupted, uninterrupted; Sleep well, wake up drowsiness.

The quality of sleep is closely related to mattresses. When a consumer is choosing a mattress, it can be used to select the most comfortable mattress of suitable quality, such as the permeability of the mattress, decompression, support, clothing, bed face tension, sleep temperature and sleep humidity.

Because the specific situation of each person is different, such as weight, height, fat thin and personal life habit, liking and so on. People should choose according to their own specific situation and local climate and personal economic income condition when they are choosing a mattress. The most basic requirement is that you can keep your lumbar spine in front of your body when you lie on your back. Do not make the lumbar bend, side bend when lying on the side.

Which kind of the mattress is the best, we should choose the function of the mattress. The function of the mattress is to ensure that consumers can get healthy and comfortable sleep. There are two criteria for a good mattress: one is that the spine can stay flat, no matter what sleep position you are in. The second is equal pressure, and people can relax on the whole body.

The engineers of the CALUFUL have been working on these theories for years, and every time they design a mattress, they look at all the factors. Our goal is to make our consumers receive maximum protection and adequate sleep in the process of using a mattress.

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