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Choose a Good Mattress and Have a Sweet Dream Every Night

An uncomfortable mattress is more painful than a nightmare. The price of the mattresses on the market differs a lot. The different brands and features are even more confusing. If consumers choose a wrong mattress carelessly, they may not be able to sleep well in the next few years. Therefore, the selection of the mattress is very important during the purchase of the furniture. The mattress test on the Consumer Reports magazine can serve as the reference during the purchase. In the test, experts evaluate different brands and types of mattresses according to the holding power, the resistance to rebound, the moving flexibility and the durability.

When designing the mattress, the research team of CALUFUL first drew the curve of the spine of those who slept on their backs when they were the most relaxed. And the subsequent sleeping test took it as the measurement criteria whether the mattress could make sleepers maintain this best spinal curve. We also observed whether those who slept on one side could maintain the relative level of the spine. We also tested and observed the requirements for the mattress when people turned over during the sleep. We even recorded the requirements for the mattress when couples were having sex.

How to make one mattress satisfy so many requirements? The patented support system developed by our research team plays a very important role. Firstly, its design of pocketed coils can satisfy the requirements of different sleeping habits. At the same time, we have made great efforts on the support to make the mattress support our movement more effectively.

Believe in the profession, believe in CALUFUL.

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