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How to Ensure that Children Get Quality and Adequate Sleep?

Parents need to ensure that the sleep environment is quiet and light is dark, and the room temperature should not be too high; Establishing a strict and fixed schedule is helpful to cultivate children's physiological sleep cycle.

Parents should play an exemplary role, avoid to stay up late;  Don't eat too full before you go to bed also avoid drinking too much water, especially sweet drinks, overeating sweet food is easy to make children blood sugar and lipid levels rise, affect the secretion of growth hormone, before sleeping in the evening, it is better not to get into the habit of eating late at night.

It is not advisable to exercise vigorously before sleep; Avoid light stimulation before going to bed, watching TV or playing video games for a long time can give the optic nerve heavier light stimulation, aggravate the fatigue of children, block the secretion of growth hormone, and ultimately affect the growth finally.

So parents should keep their children watching TV or playing video games before going to bed for less than two hours. You should pay more attention to watching TV or playing games during the holidays; don't sleep too long during the day.

By creating a good sleep environment and developing good sleep habits, all kinds of adverse factors can be removed to get quality and adequate sleep.

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