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What are the Effects of Mattresses on Sleep Quality

Good mattress makes sleep more comfortable, each bed deserves a mattress, whether you are at home, school or hotel, mattress is indispensable, how does mattess affect the quality of sleep?Let's look at the effects of mattresses on sleep quality.

Some people feel depressed and have low productivity even sleep more than 10 hours a day. Some people still feel energetic and working well sleep four to five hours a day only.The famous "invention king" Edison sleep 4 or 5 hours only is enough, still full vitality, did more than two thousand inventions all life, and master of science Einstein need to sleep more than 10 hours a day, The reason is closely related to the different constitution of each person.

Because of the person's age, genders, constitution, character difference,  sleep time is also different. Babies' sleep the longest, need about 20 hours a day or night; Adults need seven to eight hours only, Older people over 60 should be able to sleep longer.Sleep time needed for different age also is not absolute, such as the patient or recover soon, sleep time you need is a few longer, sleep quality, better than the long and shallow sleep.

Human head accounted for 8% of total weight, chest (33%), lumbar (44%), can provide appropriate support for the body parts, keep your spine level, make people sleep well, bear average weight of the body, and fit the body curve perfectly, and make the body can be taken care.So the comfort of the mattress is one of the important factors that determine the quality of sleep.

Is sleeping more a good thing? Much sleep is unhelpful and harmful.Because sleep too long can make the brain sleep center overburdened, the degree and thought burden caused by excessive thinking, make cerebrum groggy, affect excitement levels for brain regular work.

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