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Choose Wisely and Have a Good Night's Sleep

A third of the time is spent on the bed lifetime, Mattresses are also often associated with certain important moments of life, sweet love and lasting marriage, or birth of new life, so the mattress comfort will affect a person's physical and mental health directly .

Anti-interference performance
According to scientific research, people sleep between 40 and 60 times per night during sleep.If the mattress is can’t support body ideally, the body is under pressure or tingling, the situation of tossing and turning will increase, and result in sleep disruption.
Too soft or too hard mattresses can destroy the natural physiology of the spine, the high-quality mattress must have a perfect spring compression ratio and high-quality material can support every part of the body evenly according to the curve of human body

CALUFUL’s pioneering mega coil ® pocket spring bags " is  another revolutionary innovation of science and technology of mattress, The waist dangling will not happen because the spring is linked to the spring-like traditional spring bed, produce the various shortcomings easily, such as back pain, spine bending, can completely submissive, support the body, the design is ergonomic.

The mega coil stand is the heart of a CALUFUL mattress, provides best sleep for people, The features of pocket spring is independence, can stretch separately, comply with human body curve fully, strong and evenly support the various parts of the body,  the body feels evenly supported and rebounded, and the strained muscles are relieved,  enter into deep sleep, It can absorb the vibration of the sleeping position, reduce the disturbance caused by the bed partner, and enjoy the quality sleep that is not disturbed all night.

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