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Can Caluful Springs with Patent Really Solve the Problem of Sleep Support?

When looking at Caluful latest comfort spring mattress with patent, many consumers will not realize how much this patent product has been changed. They may also worry whether the mattress can really solve the problem of the sleep support?

First of all, the mattress contains many spring bags, with each spring providing support independently. When being under your body's stress, they will produce different reaction according to the shape of your body. Therefore, every spring provides support for your body and each part of your body will receive a strong and effective support.

Secondly, bagged spring has already years of history. People, no matter which country they are from, find that the steel wire manufactured by every factory has a service life after being used. Under pressure from the lighter things, the service life of steel wire is relatively long. But for married people, things will be different. Because when a couple are having sex, the mattress is under the pressure of two people, bearing the pressure of 1.5 to 2 times of that in ordinary times, or even more. On this occasion, the mattress cannot provide enough support so that the springs will have fatigue quickly and then collapse. Of course, some overweight people will also be faced with this kind of problem.

The engineers of Caluful have found that in mattress industry, a majority of customers complained that people will be uncomfortable on the mattress after it is used for 2-3 years. They found the reason is that the spring had been out of shape, thus unable to provide a good sleep experience and lead to all sorts of problems.

Caluful engineers think that the problem of sleep support must be solved firstly. The problem of support system must not do harm to human sleep again. After doing thousands of times’ experiment and making several times’ modification on the bag spring machine, our engineers finally produce the effective MEGACOIL to support the body. This is one of the most innovative revolutions in human history of mattress. We believe this kind of mattress is bound to make more contribution for human sleep.

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