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A Mattress that Really Protects Your Sleep

Research shows that a new spring mattress can cause varying degrees of collapse after one to two years. The reason for this is that there is a problem with the support system inside the mattress, which is what we often call the spring collapse.

There are many reasons for spring collapse, such as spring density, spring wire diameter, waist diameter, and pressure on mattresses caused by different individuals, resulting in excessive fatigue of the mattress support system, and it will cause the irreversible damage. These can cause our spring system to fail to return to the factory level. If you often feel bad in the morning or have a backache, you should check to see if your mattress has collapsed.

What is the danger of a collapsed mattress support system without any bounce back?

1. The quality of sleep is falling and people are unable to get enough sleep, which can lead to a long-term sub-health state.

2. Sleeping on a faulty mattress for a long time can damage our own spine and cervical spine.

How can we make a mattress really support our body? The engineer of CALUFUL mattress has successfully developed SUPERCOIL after numerous failures after five years of research.

Different with other mattress internal support systems, the SUPERCOIL uses more resilient steel. It also uses the instruments to test the most appropriate data for sleep, and then try to meet that data to meet the needs of different groups of people for sleep.

It's a mattress that really supports your body, and with a comfortable layer of CALUFUL. An unparalleled mattress that gives you a good night's sleep and keeps your body energized.

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