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A Mattress that Can Regulates Temperature is Important for Sleep

There are two reasons for sweating: one is calcium deficiency and the other is fast metabolism, and it is prone to sweating.

If we sweat during the day, we can dry our skin and change our clothes and shower regularly. We can also take part in outdoor exercise regularly to enhance our physique and improve our adaptability.

But what about sweating when you're sleeping?

Sweat glands are the main channels of the body to regulate body temperature. The skin of human body is metabolized with the change of ambient temperature. As the temperature of the environment rises, it uses the perspiration to regulate body temperature. Because of the perspiration, the various tissues of the body are active, so it is bound to affect normal sleep.

The mattress engineer of CALUFUL is also a sweaty person, and this problem has been bothering for a long time. People who study sleep for a long time that can't sleep well. How can we talk about helping more people get a good night's sleep?

Our engineers work with world-renowned mattress fabrics and manufacturers to explore and research on how to make people sweat in the night. Finally, with the joint efforts, the principle of human perspiration is finally used to produce the first fabric that could effectively drain and evaporate the sweat. This fabric uses the human body's temperature to accelerate the evaporation of water on the fabric when the temperature of the body rises, so that the mattress can stay dry and comfortable for a long time.

Now our engineers can finally get a good night's sleep and we believe that more consumers can also enjoy the better sleep experience of technology in the future .

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